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About UVGrab

UVGrab.com is here to provide you with the Latest Releases of your favorite movies. UltraViolet Codes are a great way to watch, store and have access to all of your movies in digital movie format!

Aren't you kind of sick of storing hundreds of plastic movie cases in your house? Do you ever ask your kids why they never put movies back in the right case? Are your blu-rays and DVDs constantly scratched and skipping? When you're traveling don't you wish you could just watch your favorite movie on your portable device instead of having to rent it for $15 in your hotel, when you already own it at home?

Did we mention you can watch your UltraViolet codes in High Definition* (HD)?

Watch your movie redeemed from UV Codes on almost any device you own: iPad, iPhone, Kindle, PC, XBOX, Playstation, and of course your Smart TV.

There are many providers in which you can redeem your UV codes with, such as: Vudu, FlixsterVideo, or FandangoNow.


Where do my movies go? 

Once your UltraViolet movie code is redeemed you are instantly ready to start watching your movie.  The best part about UV Codes is the fact that all of your movies are stored on your favorite providers' “cloud”. Allowing you to watch the movie or TV series whenever you please, from which ever device you choose.