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How It Works

How UVGrab Works

Collect, and watch your favorite movies from your Smart TV, or almost any device. Ultraviolet Code format (or UV Code) simply allows you to securely store your movies digitally online. 

Your movies are accessible and streamable from just about any device. Mobile Phone, Tablets, Smart TVs, etc

Three easy steps involved to start your digital movie collection (UV Code).

Step One: purchase any movie from UVGrab, you will receive a redemption code via email Instantly.

Step Two: Visit https://my.vudu.com/redeem.html search for the movie you purchased on UVGrab, now simply type in the redemption code we provided via email.

Step Three: Open your Vudu App on your Smart TV, Mobile Phone, Tablet, Roku, Amazon Fire, Xbox, or any other supported device. Login to your VUDU account and you are ready to start watching your movies.