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How does 15% OFF sound?

Save 15%, four times a year

How does 15% OFF your order sound? Sounds pretty awesome to us. With the Plus+ membership you will receive a 15% OFF Discount code 3 times a year to be used with any order. That is almost a $1.00 off all new releases, wow!
Free. Free. Free!
Would you say NO to a FREE movie? We didn’t think so. With the Plus+ membership you receive a free movie every year. We are talking UV Codes for latest releases, rare releases, and even TV series.
*Quick Grab*
Quick Grab! If you are a member of our facebook.com/uvgrab page then you know what a quick grab is. If not, well it is exactly what is sounds like – we giveaway Free UV Codes at random, the first customer to grab it owns it. As a Plus+ member you will receive Plus+ member ONLY Quick Grabs via email. Now it’s like playing the lottery with a small village.
Express Customer Service
Our customer service is pretty darn great, but with the Plus+ membership you have access to our Express customer service. Only Plus+ members get access to the “Bat Phone”, well not literally, but we will give you a special email address to customer support that has 1 hour response time and after hours support.