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START HERE If you are having a problem redeeming your code, please do the following before contacting us.

  • Remember you can redeem your code directly from your favorite provider, like: Vudu, Flixster, mGo, UVVU, and many others. Try redeeming your code directly.
  • Double check that you are typing the code properly, try ZERO "0", instead of the letter “O”.
  • Is your internet properly functioning? Be sure you are not having an issue with your Web Browser. Use a site like to see if others are having issues.
  • Be sure you are selecting the correct version for your movie title. Example, there are many choices for “Lego the Movie”. We sell “Lego the Movie (Plus Bonus Episode)” Redeem Here, if you select any other the code will not redeem.

Ok, so you eliminated all of those possibilities above? Well then… let us help you! Move on to STEP TWO below, and fill out a support request. We will get you a new code ASAP.

Try searching for the movie here below
Find Movie on Vudu

Remember each code redeems a specific version of the movie. Pay close attention to the code sent. It will usually tell you what version you need to search for
For example The Lego Movie UV Code we offer also comes with Bonus episode. See instructions below.


If you are getting a “Blank Screen” when attempting to download your code, first-off we are SORRY! This is a known issue which does happen from time to time. Please email us with: the original link we emailed you to download the UV Code, and your order number.

We will get you a new replacement code ASAP!


We generally have New Release UV Codes available for purchase 10 - 14 days after the release date of the movie's Blu-Ray.

Keep up to date with release dates here

If your Movie was supposed to be HD quality, but is redeeming as SD, then certainly let us know. Sometimes this happens by accident. Remember, movies will stream in SD sometimes depending on which device you are watching the movie on.

For example: if you are streaming a movie over 4G or LTE, on your mobile phone chances are it will only stream in SD format.

Please attache a screenshot of your movie redeeming as SD, so we can replace it with an HD code.

We recommend shopping on our website with the latest version of Google Chrome or Firefox

If you are using Internet Explorer 8 or below, you will need to upgrade your browser.

All UV Codes sold by UVGrab are only Officially Supported for United States of America customers. However, if you live outside of the USA you can still take advantage of the Ultraviolet codes by using a simple Browser Plugin like: Anonymox for Google Chrome or Firefox.

Redeeming outside of USA
Download the plugin mentioned above, then choose the country you want to redeem "from". In this case, select USA.


All UV Codes are delivered in (.PDF) format. If you are unable to view/open the code(s) after download, please be sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed and updated.

UV Codes are automatically sent within 5-10 minutes of your completed order. If you are unable to find your codes and it's been longer than 10 minutes be sure to review the following, before contacting us.

  • If you used Paypal to pay for you order the codes were emailed to the email address on file with Paypal. Can't access that email? Then contact us and let us know.
  • Check your SPAM/JUNK folder, sometimes the UV Codes don't make it to your Inbox. *If you use AOL, definitely check your SPAM/JUNK folder.
  • Did you make your purchase while connected to a Public Wifi? Sometimes purchases made while traveling are flagged as Potentially Fraudulent. In this case your order must be Manually Released by one of our customer service "peeps". Contact us.
  • Did you type your Email Address incorrectly? If you feel like this may be the issue, don't stress-out, we can help. Please contact us with your Full Name, and the estimated date/time you made your order.

*If none of the cases above seem likely, then contact us. Sometimes Internet Gremlins kidnap your codes on the way.

Refunds are issued on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us if you feel a Refund is the only way to make you happy.

Contact our Support, after reading Q&A

Still Need Help? Help is on the way...

Thanks, we will take it from here...

remember to check your SPAM/JUNK folders
Always be sure you are redeeming the correct VERSION. (Unrated, Extended)

Keep your Support Id for your records

Closed Sundays

Read the Quick Answers section, BEFORE contacting us.

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Problem with Batman v Superman?

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describe your reason for contacting us with detail please. we are not robots, so please include actual information about your support request.
Provide all information above please be sure to read the quick answers above before sending a support

Ultraviolet Providers to Redeem and Stream your Movies

All providers are compatible with Ultraviolet codes, be sure to choose a provider that meets your needs.